Policies and Tuition


2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR



 ACTIVITY FEE:     $250 (payable in October) + $250 (payable in February) This fee covers extra classes in gym and music.  All students, including infants, must pay the activity fee.  The Activity Fee is Non-Refundable.

REGISTRATION FEE FOR NEW STUDENTS – $150.00 for first child

$100.00 for each additional child

WAITLIST FEE:  $50 per child



            Room 1A   (Newborns)                                                 $450 p/week

            Room 1B   (Infants)                                                      $450 p/week  

            Room 2A   (Toddlers)                                                   $395 p/week 

            Room 2B   (Toddlers)                                                    $375 p/week

            Room 3A   (Pre-School)                                                 $325 p/week

            Room 3B   (Pre-School)                                                 $325 p/week 

            Room 4A   (Pre-Kindergarten)                                       $295 p/week  

            Room 4B   (Pre-Kindergarten)                                       $295 p/week 

 Fees include lunch and two snacks except in Rooms 1A and 1B.

Please Note:  Tuition payment will be received by bank debit ONLY.  In the event of emergency, a $50 fee will be charged each time tuition is paid by credit card.  This fee will be assessed in addition to the normal 4% surcharge and will be for each occurrence.  Credit card payments will continue to be accepted with no fee charge for new registrations and waitlist fees only.




Registration Fees: A non refundable $150 application fee for the first child and $100 for each additional child is charged at the time of registration. The annual re-registration fee is $100.

Activity Fee: There is an annual activity fee of $500 payable in October ($250) and March ($250).

Uniforms: Uniforms for children 16 months and older are mandatory and are available for purchase through Robcyns, located at the Bradlee Shopping Center, 3660 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302. Robcyns’ telephone number is 703-379-7800. The uniform consists of blue or red sweat suits in winter, and blue or red shorts and tee shirts in summer.  Girls have the option of wearing a red or blue dress purchased at Robcyns and may wear white tights underneath in cold weather.

Security Deposits & Withdrawals: We require an extra payment of two weeks tuition at time of registration to ensure the child is not withdrawn suddenly and without notice. This amount will be refunded at time of withdrawal if written notice is provided to the School 30 days in advance. The child may be re-enrolled upon payment of a new registration fee.

Tuition Due Date: Tuition is due every other Monday, two weeks at a time, in advance. We require that you pay by direct deduction from your checking account. No checks or credit cards will be accepted.  When payment is not received on the due date, a $40 late charge will be assessed. There is also a $40 fee for all payment charge backs received. If an account becomes more than 2 weeks past due, we will be forced to terminate services.

Absences: There is no reduction in tuition for absences, weather related closures, holidays, or Teacher Organization Days.

Sibling Discounts:

Two Children: -5% Discount on Tuition for Oldest Full-Time Child
-Full Tuition for Second Child


Three or More Children: -10% Discount on Tuition for Oldest Full-Time Child
– 5% Discount on Middle Child(ren)
-Full Tuition for Youngest Child

Adjustment for Classroom Change: When a child is transitioning to a new classroom, the tuition rate is that of the “old” classroom. The tuition changes to that of the “new” classroom when the child begins his or her first complete two weeks in the new group.

Late Pickup Fees: Children picked up after 6 p.m. will incur a late fee. The charge is $20 per family for the first ten minutes after closing, and $1 per minute past the first ten-minute interval. This fee is due at the time the child is picked up.

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